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Third Reich Tour

On January 30th, 1933, thousands of brown-shirted storm troopers marched through Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, celebrating Hitler’s election to the Chancellery and marking the beginning of the Nazi’s 12-year reign of terror over Germany and Europe, which would leave millions dead across the continent and Berlin lying in ruins.


This tour explores the role of the capital of the regime and seeks out the significant locations where decisions were made and countless lives affected.

This 4-hour tour includes:


  • The site of Hitler’s former bunker

  • The Soviet War Memorial in the Tiergarten

  • The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

  • The Nazi government district

  • Albert Speer’s megalomaniac plans for ‘Germania’

  • Berlin’s role in the Holocaust

  • German Resistance to the Third Reich

  • The remains of the Propaganda Ministry

  • The ‘Night of Long Knives’

  • The former Luftwaffe HQ

  • The "Kristallnacht" Night of progroms

  • The Topography of Terror exhibition

  • Nazi art and architecture

  • The former SS and Gestapo HQs

  • The New Synagogue

  • The Grosse Hamburger Strasse Jewish Cemetery

  • The ‘Stumble Stones’ memorials


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Berliner Dom
Berlin Wall
Berliner Brewerie





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